Sep 12, 2013

How to potty train your child successfully

How to Potty Train

Potty training your child is a big step in their lives and you need to do it in the right way and at the right time. If it is not done right, it can cause bathroom problems for your child for years to come. When it comes to answering the question of how to potty train your child, here are some tips and hints…

Signs Your Child is ready for Potty Training

It’s vital to start potty training when you and your child are both ready. Potty training your child means you being able to devote enough time and effort into the process to ensure that it is successful. Some of the signs that your child is ready for potty training include:

  • Tells you their diaper is wet or soiled and is uncomfortable if it is.
  • Is getting interested in their potty seat or in the toilet.
  • Tells you they have to go to the potty.
  • Is able to understand and follow simple instructions.
  • Is able to stay dry for two or more hours in the daytime.
  • Wakes up and has dry diaper.
  • Is able to pull their pants up and down with your help.
  • Brings you a clean diaper when they are wet or messy.

These and other signs show parents that the child may be ready for potty training. They normally start to happen between about 18 and 24 months of age, but some children may still be wearing diapers part of the time even at three years old. Nighttime diapers are usually the last to go when potty training a child.

Preparing a child for potty training

When you know how to do it, you also must not forget to start preparing them for the experience. They need to be comfortable with going into the bathroom, and it’s a good idea to let them watch you go. In fact, that is why it is a good idea for mothers or older sisters to help train girls and fathers or older brothers to help train the boys. This way they can see the actual process of going to the bathroom and it helps them to learn faster. Potty training can be done on the regular toilet or with a special potty chair. There are also potty seats that can be placed over the regular toilet so the child will feel more secure, as some kids are afraid they may fall into the toilet. Before you actually start training the child, it’s a good idea to show them the potty seat or chair and talk to them about what it is for. Let them know it is their own special bathroom chair. It makes them feel big and more grown up. However, it is vital not to force the child to sit on the chair if they are not interested. It is possible your child is not old enough to start potty training. As stated earlier, this can come as early as 18 months, but could be earlier or later for some kids. Every child is different and this is important to know. Follow the cues that your child is giving you and this will help you both to be more successful.

Potty training process

Once the child is comfortable with the bathroom environment and the potty chair or seat, it’s time to begin the actual potty training. First, you have to put the child in either training pants or in the disposable diaper pull ups. These are made for potty training and make it easier for your child to take them off and on when he goes to the bathroom. If your child indicates they have to go to the potty, then take them to the bathroom and let them sit on the chair or seat. Wait for a few minutes to see if anything happens. It is a good idea to ask the child if they have to go, especially within a few hours of drinking something. If they go to the bathroom, you should praise them and help them to put their pants back on, flush the toilet and wash their hands. Be sure to stay with them for safety purposes while they are sitting on the potty chair. Even if they don’t go to the bathroom, don’t get angry with the child. You job is to stay patient and keep trying. The child should attempt to go several times a day. Some parents reward their child with a small treat if they go, but others just tell them they are now a big girl or boy. Whatever your style is, be consistent, as this will help them to learn faster. All in all, potty training your child is a very important step in your child’s life. By following these suggestions, you both will be well on your way to helping them make this important transition in their lives.

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